Check out the list of vendors below, and expect more coming soon!

Blumera, A Street Af(Fair) Vendor


Traveling the globe, Mehera Blum of Blumera, delves deep into the culture and innate skills of foreign lands to create one-of-a-kind, hand-sculpted handbags and jewelry.

Chris Earl, A Street Af(Fair) Vendor

Chris Earl

Chris Earl grew up in Papa New Guinea, a place inspired by environment and the materials found therein, where every item is as unique as its maker. These principles guide Chris in every piece he creates.

David Pirrotta Brands

The mission behind David Pirrotta Brands is simple: to build successful brands. David Pirrotta Brands include David Mallett, Gloss Moderne, Ilia Beauty, Mayron’s Goods, Sachajuan, Verso, Ernest Supplies, Grown Alchemist, LITE + CYCLE, Rodin Olio Lusso, Shiva Rose, and Ziip.

Ernest Supplies, A Street Af(Fair)

Ernest Supplies

Ernest Supplies was founded with a singular purpose – to take advantage of recent advances in natural skincare science and create products that are highly efficacious, simple to understand and fit seamlessly into the lifestyle of active and healthy guys.

Huddleson Linens, Vendor of A Street Af(Fair)

Huddleson Linens

Huddleson Linens is the product of a truly international environment – exquisite European linen given a unique twist by the combination of a classic English upbringing and the abundantly creative culture of California.

Allie Pohl, Vendor of A Street Af(Fair)

Ideal Woman

Allie Pohl is a Los Angeles-based conceptual artist whose work explores the social and cultural constructions of contemporary Western society. In an effort to continue the conversation outside of galleries and museums, Pohl has made her work more accessible through the “Ideal Woman” jewelry line, home goods, and sticker packs.

Jack's Goods, A Street Af(Fair) Vendor

Jack’s Goods

Jack’s Goods is a Los Angeles based leather dog accessories brand. Designed for lucky pups who want style and function in their everyday life.

Jenni Kayne

 Jenni Kayne is an apparel and footwear designer based in Los Angeles. Inspired by architectural detail, organic textures and a sun soaked horizon, Jenni Kayne is celebrated beyond a signature shoe or a beautiful storefront: she has quietly ushered in a new school of sublime taste.



LITE+CYCLE magnifies the abundant beauty of the wild by bringing the purest essences from field to forest into the home. Each of our scents smells authentically of the plants from which it was created because we utilize only 100% pure and genuine essential oils.

Meegan Barnes, A Street Af(Fair) Vendor

Meegan Barnes

Meegan Barnes is a Los Angeles based, multi disciplinary artist. Her work is cheeky, irreverent and empowering. Her sculptures are rooted in the tradition of craft with nods to ancient artifacts and folklore, spiritual symbolism, warrior women and pop culture.

Modern Weaving, A Street Af(Fair) Vendor

Modern Weaving

A disciplined respect for the minimal is the primary ethos of Modern Weaving. The leather bag collection artfully fuses ancient basketry techniques into modern functional shapes, and  the jewelry assortment consists of high polished raw brass and Nara porcelain pieces hand formed, or thrown on the potters-wheel.

Mr. Merz

Mr. Merz is pleased to bring home the pestamel from Turkey. Originally a towel used in the Turkish Hamams/bathhouses–these textiles function in the realms of beach, yoga, sport, wearable, and home.

Niche, Lounge Sponsor at A Street Af(Fair)


Debuted in 2009, Niche has become the leader in indoor & outdoor modern luxury living, boasting cutting-edge modern collections by the industry’s most well-known designers.

NIUKA- Fine Teas and Special Events

NIUKA Tea is an autonomous enterprise committed to the partnership between flavor and health. We specialize in adaptogenic herbal formulas designed to help regulate stress and delight the senses with nature’s organic flavors.

PAX Ceramics, Vendor of A Street Af(Fair)

PAX Ceramics

Our mission is to create objects that don’t belong to the trend of now, but only get better with time. PAX combines contemporary design methods with time-honored production techniques.

Please Do Not Enter

One-of-a-kind progressive men’s luxury retail and exhibition space in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Please Do Not Enter invites you to discover an eclectic array of exclusive, carefully selected and timeless contemporary goods.

shapiro joyal studio

With an extensive background in design, Leslie Shapiro Joyal created 407 Furniture, a 100% woman owned business. For over 15 years, 407 Furniture, now shapiro joyal studio has been setting the standard for fine handmade solid wood furniture in LA.

Taste on Melrose; A Street Af(Fair) Vendor

Taste on Melrose

Within its relaxed yet sophisticated setting along trendy Melrose Avenue, Taste on Melrose offers updated American comfort cuisine at eminently moderate prices. A neighborhood favorite for stylish Angelinos with a preference for elegant surroundings and a delightful dining experience, enjoy Taste’s bustling streetside patio, the cozy seclusion of our courtyard, and a dynamic atrium with … Continue reading Taste on Melrose

Vanner Hat, A Street Af(Fair) Vendor

Vanner Hats

With her trademarked southern gypsy style, Texas-born Courtney Ellzey created a line of hats that epitomizes her equestrian bohemian lifestyle and uncompromising style, which is always crowned with striking headwear.

Wolfum, A Street Af(Fair) Vendor


Launched in August of 2011, Wolfum is a textile line of tabletop and home goods. We incorporate traditional items into the contemporary home with a nod to vintage, and a respect for modernity, eco-kindness and functionality.

Wonder Valley

At Wonder Valley we place equal importance on the things we consume and the beautiful objects we surround ourselves with.  Wonder Valley’s olive oil embodies the richness of experience, the opulence of character, the grand, the handsome, and the handmade.